The Team

350 air cooled 2016 compressor

The Team.

Our team has over 80 years combined experience in many facets of the dive industry. Dive gear, dive training, manufacturing industries, furniture design, nitrox systems - are just a few of our specialties.

Moondog Dive Outfitters is dedicated to the highest quality standards and superior customer service.

Feel free to call us with any questions:
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We dive what we sell and sell what we dive.


Greg Mooney | Moondog Dive Outfitters

Greg is the owner of Moondog Dive Outfitters. He has spent over 35 years in the yachting and dive communities. In the last 20 years, Greg has spent much of his time as a high pressure life support technician, designer, and installer. With his vast experience he has managed breathing-gap installs on some of the largest dive programs in the yachting industry.

Greg’s expertise has carried over to Scuba equipment, rebreathers, oxygen production systems, nitrox compressor systems, submersibles, and ROV’s, etc. Greg is also a certified instructor for both recreational and technical diving levels.

In the last few years, Greg has been working with fabricator and craftsman Andre at A&R Marine to design different variations of marine furniture and dive gear storage for clients. Greg has been "blown away" with the innovations for his clients that Andre has created.

Greg has found himself working in the film industry on documentaries, commercials and other productions around the world. For over five years Greg had the opportunity to work with the OPS (Oceanic Preservation Society) Team on the Oscar-winning film, “The Cove.” In addition, Greg has also spent several years working with Discovery Channel on commercial promotions for “Shark Week.”


Joey Swinarski | Moondog Dive Outfitters

Joey joined MDDO back in 2018. He was the perfect fit for the company with a background in dive retail, scuba instruction, commercial diving and dive equipment repair. Because Joey is also a licensed captain, his familiarity with the marine market is a great asset. Over the past few years, Joey has excelled and runs the day-to-day operations at Moondog Dive Outfitters... that is no easy feat!

Joey's education background in engineering has helped MDDO develop and expand the "custom aspects" of individual client projects which are indispensable when dealing with one-off vessels. Joey has become an expert in tube bending, electrical applications and custom compressor system design. He efficiently heads our service high pressure department and is instrumental in establishing crew relations. We are lucky to have such a talented young man at MDDO. Presently and in the foreseeable future, Joey strives for Moondog Dog Outfitter's quality of service and high standards with our customers.

Nitrox Solutions Nitrox Bob Olson

"Nitrox Bob" Olson | Nitrox Solutions

Bob Olson, president of Nitrox Solutions, has over 25 years experience building custom compressors and mixed gas systems for industrial gas applications, diving systems and fire fighting fill systems.

In 1996 Bob introduced the first of his Nitrox Solutions systems to the diving industry and set the standard for membrane systems for the future. He was the first to promote a low pressure feed air system and rotary screw compressor for nitrox production. This is now the industry standard.

Bob continues to be an innovator, designer and state of the art components and systems. His water cooled, high pressure nitrox compressors are currently the only proven example in the market today.

Bauer Compressor recognizes the major safety advantages to nitrox solutions water cooled system when compressing nitrox... Bauer will not endorse the use of nitrox in their blocks unless it is water cooled.

To date, "Nitrox Bob" (as he is fondly known in the industry) has installed over 250 nitrox systems worldwide. And we are not even counting the air systems!

Andrew Driver

Andrew Driver | Blue Foot Diving

Andrew Driver is Moondog Dive Outfitter's expert technician, instructor/asset in hyperbaric, rebreathers as well as all aspects of technical diving and training. He has worked as a dive instructor, dive boat captain, expedition leader and hyperbaric instructor for more than 20 years.

His current rating is "Instructor Trainer to Expedition Trimix Closed Circuit Rebreather Level." Andrew practices what he preaches and has lived by this motto since 1987, which was his his first experience with rebreathers. Since 1995, he has been most exclusively a closed circuit diver.

Andrew’s company, Blue Foot Diving, continues to support our sales, training and operations with rebreathers, hyperbarics and expedition services. We consider Mr. Driver to be a world class diver and the best expert we could ever hope for to support Moondog Dive Outfitters, Inc. and our clients.

Andre AR Marine Fabrication and Engineering

Andre | A&R Marine Fabrication and Engineering

Andre Berwey is the owner of A&R Marine. He has over 20 years experience in marine engineering and metal fabrication. Fabrication has always come naturally to Andre, as he grew up around his father’s steel construction business in South Africa.

In 2004, Andre started A&R Marine with his wife Robin. He has been successful in a very crowded field because of his meticulous attention to detail, on every project. Andre has the great ability to envision innovative designs and solutions to meet the expectations of our clients.

Ten years ago, while employed on a yacht, he began his diving career with the assistance and encouragement of the captain. Not long after, he met Greg Mooney at Moondog Dive Outfitters; from there Andre made the move to engineering dive furniture, dive lockers, galleys and a wide range of successful fabrication projects.