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Air-Cooled Dive Compressor Systems.

Nitrox Solutions Air-Cooled compressors are designed with the yachting client and marine environment in mind.

  • All compressor and electrical systems are built to Lloyd’s Compliance.
  • Ease of service and operation are design aspects we build into all of our systems.
  • We use BAUER compressor blocks as our starting point and use Swedglock stainless fittings and tubing for all our fabrication needs.
  • Our bases and frames are stainless steel painted with marine grade paint or powder coated to resist the harsh environment.
  • We use TEFC splash proof motors.
  • Separation and filtration are oversized to meet the requirements for subtropical and tropical environments with either a two-way or four-way fill manifold.
  • Automatic drains and auto shut-off are standard on all the Nitrox Solutions Systems.

Many of the components on the compressor system can be remote mounted if space is an issue. Also, the addition of remote fill locations and additional fill whip lengths are available at request. While we can incorporate any BAUER block into a custom system, the NS750 and NS850 are perfect continuous duty compressors for cascade fill systems and the incorporation of Nitrox and water-cooling. The NS450 and NS350 are our standard stand-alone compressors for recreational dive operations.

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