Compressor Services & Fire Bottle Compressors.

Compressor and Tank Fill
System Service & Repair

Compressor service and repair for yachts is a large part of our business. Whether working for another vendor, or handling our client base, Moondog’s technicians are able to tackle most of the dive compressor systems on yachts today. If we can’t do it ourselves, we will find the folks that can. We pride ourselves on being able to give our customers and those of our supporting vendors the most cost effective service possible. We provide service reports and operational reports available at no additional cost on every service. Air tests, component upgrades, and equipment alterations are "the norm" for our technicians at Moondog Dive Outfitters.

Service can be done on site or the equipment can be picked up from the vessel and completed at one of our facilities. Estimates for service and equipment costs can be given upon request.