Moondog Dive Outfitters is proud to have Andrew Driver of Blue Foot Divers as our rebreather and hyperbaric instructor. Over the past nine years, Andrew has helped us integrate technical dive programs for many of our client’s vessels. Andrew understands the need to integrate the proper gas production systems with the technical dive operations at our client’s request. His knowledge and certified training ability in both technical diving and hyperbaric operations has allowed us to be on the cutting edge of training and product integration to the yachting market.


Rebreather training, instruction and certification can be undertaken with either IANTD or TDI.

We teach on the following rebreathers up to Instructor Trainer Level, as well as many subcategories including CCR Expedition Trimix:

  • Megalodon
  • Kiss
  • Evolution
  • Inspiration
  • Optima
  • Hammerhead
  • Oceanic
  • LAR V
  • C96 Pro

The most important safety decision you make once you decide to buy a rebreather is not the make and model of the unit you buy, but on the instructor you choose and the training you undergo.

Training above all else will set you on the path to being a safe and successful rebreather. With proper training, you will form good habits, fundamental rebreather knowledge, a sound skill set and the right attitude and mindset to succeed. The time and effort you spend on deciding the brand of rebreather you buy, should be equalled to the effort in seeking quality instruction. Choose Moondog Dive Outfitters for 1) qualified instruction, 2) continue to practice your skills and 3) continue to learn/research your craft. Also, test yourself. Never think you have reached the point where you can’t learn more or improve, there is no graduation here. 4) Take advanced classes and then 5) continue to educate yourself more, on a regular basis. We cannot stress these recommendations enough.

If you can’t afford good training then hold off on purchasing a rebreather until you can. Rest assured, you will never regret money you decide to spend on your rebreather training. The training we provide is exceptional and invaluable. It is a sure investment.


At Moondog Dive Outfitters we have a wealth of rebreather experience within our ranks. We have owned, taught, sold and supported the following rebreathers: Megalodon, Evolution, Inspiration, Kiss, Optima, LAR V, C96 Pro and now the Hammerhead Rebreather. We do not believe that any one rebreather is intrinsically safer than another—we genuinely believe that all these units are safe. The key to safe rebreather diving is founded in instruction, training and the diver’s attitude.

We strongly suggested you consider the following recommendations by our experts:

  • First, you must receive good instruction.
  • Second, and even more important is your attitude and how you maintain your dive expertise once we have set you on the right path. Be assured (health issues aside) that if you have an accident on a rebreather it will be no one else’s fault but your own if you get the proper training.

Fact: There are no rebreather failures that cannot be predicted. You must have the proper training, which will provide you with the skill and knowledge you need to recognize and remedy all and any failures that arise.

If you are interested in purchasing a rebreather or obtaining training, we are here for you.

For more infomation, please feel free to call Moondog Dive Outfitters anytime at (954) 257-4694.

We dive what we sell and sell what we dive.