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Dive Compressors.

Nitrox Solutions and Moondog Dive Outfitters (MDDO) combined resources in 2007 to offer our yacht-based clients a premier full service, "one stop shop" for all your underwater needs and requirements. Our proven water-cooled compressors and air-cooled filling systems bring leading-edge and innovative dive compressor technology to the yachting industry.

The two companies formed this strategic partnership to bring both “custom air-cooled” and “water-cooled” compressor technology to the yachting market. We provide customers with safe, reliable and cost effective gas production systems. We also provide service and support to the yachting community for the majority of yacht-based compressor systems available today.

The Nitrox Solutions "gas production systems" are mounted in an open frame configuration to allow ease of serviceability and access to the system components. At no additional costs we can construct the majority of systems in a horizontal or vertical configuration. If a fully enclosed system is desired, we offer cabinet style designs which can easily be fabricated at an additional cost. Cosmetic features are simple upgrades. We always look forward to working with engineering to achieve whatever package is desired. We are proud to state that we excel at integrating storage lockers and tanks racks with our compressor systems. Please see our custom fabrication section to view a few of our latest accomplishments.

All of our compressor systems are constructed to be "Lloyd’s Compliant."  Specific classification requirements can be made upon request. In addition, Moondog Dive Outfitters has years of experience integrating our gas production systems to meet all CLASS Requirements. Examples of equipment that demand CLASS Requirements include air compressors, nitrox production equipment, oxygen generators and firebottle compressors.

Upon installation, our install teams will plumb the components, complete the run up and train the vessel's personnel in the operation and servicing of the compressor system(s). If required, we also offer certifications for the vessel's crew in nitrox diving and in nitrox blending during the install period. All certifications are internationally accredited and recognized.

Please contact MDDO to ensure you have the sales, service and support for all your underwater needs including: air and nitrox compressor systems, recompression chambers, rebreathers, mini-submarines and scuba equipment.

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