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Install Portfolio.

Compressor Installs

Nitrox Solutions, Lauderdale Diver and Moondog Dive Outfitters... three companies formed this strategic partnership to bring both “Water-Cooled” and “Custom Air-Cooled” compressor technology to the yachting market.

The Nitrox Solutions gas production systems are mounted in an open frame configuration to allow ease of serviceability to the system components. At no additional costs we can construct the majority of systems in a horizontal or vertical configuration. If a fully enclosed system is desired, a cabinet style configuration can be easily achieved at an additional cost to the vessel. Cosmetic features are simple upgrades. We will be glad to work with engineering to achieve whatever package is desired. We excel at integrating storage lockers and tanks racks with our compressor systems.

Our install teams will plumb the components, complete the run up, and train the vessels personnel in the operation and servicing of the compressor system upon installation.


Engineering | Furniture Installs

Moondog Dive Outfitters and A&R's Andre have teamed up to design and fabricate yacht furniture that is both utilitarian, high-end and stunning.

Andre and his crew at A&R Marine have allowed us to tap into his amazing abilities to create Custom Cabinetry & Fabrication products for our customer base. Andre helps us design and build dive lockers, engineering furniture and a vast variety of components for our clients. Please browse the project and fabrication pages to see some of Andre’s past projects and see for yourself the amazing detail and craftsmanship that go into each piece created by A&R Marine.