Equipment Service.

Moondog Dive Outfitters and our partners are your ONE STOP SHOP for all your underwater equipment servicing requirements. Our comprehensive service crew allows us to implement repair procedures within 5 days while providing you with cost-effective pricing.

We have chosen those in the local area we feel are the best in their fields at service and repair. We know that timely service and competitive pricing are important for customers; and we provide top quality work and excel to meet our customers’ needs.

Our Suppliers air is tested every three months to meet air safety standards for both air and nitrox pressure blending required by the State of Florida. We blend Nitrox EANX 32% and EANX 36% and offer custom O blends upon request. We have O2 and technical gases upon request as well. Large volume gas/storage cylinders for expeditions, submersible operations or hyperbaric applications are available upon request.

We also offer oxygen fills for first-aid bottles and hyperbaric systems. Call us for latest pricing and requirements for the option of having O2 certified gas for your medical bottle fills. If aeronautical gas will not meet the vessels requirements, some simple paper work is required to get the medical grade O2 fills, as well as a bit of time to get the fills completed.


We Offer Servicing on the Following Equipment:

Contact Us.

To schedule your equipment servicing needs, please contact us any time. Pick up and delivery is done at no charge if within Broward County. A small fuel charge will be incurred by the vessel if pick up is requested outside of Broward County.

Feel free to call or email us anytime with any questions you may have: (954) 257-4694.


We offer a 5-day turnaround for annual overhaul service (during high season between 1 to 2 weeks, unless rush service is requested). Our experienced technicians are able to work on all makes/models of regulators. This includes several of the full-face masks and underwater communication systems, including OTS. Certificates provided to vessel upon completion of service.

Buoyancy Control Devices (BCD)

We can obtain parts for most makes/models of BCDs. Service consists of pressure tests, inflation valve service and bag cleaning.

Fighting Equipment

We provide a full service on all firefighting equipment in-house. Including positive pressure tests, fills, tank hydros and class certifications on all equipment that we service.

We offer BA Loaners during service.

Dive Computers

Because dive computers are delicate, electronic and life-supporting equipment, it is essential they are serviced by fully trained experts. We will send dive computers to the manufacturers’ main service centers for full servicing if required. The return time is based on the manufacturers’ timeline. If at all possible, service will be done in-house.

SCUBA / SCBA Hydro / VIP Testing

• Hydrostatic Inspection: due every 5 years. This is carried out within 5 working days with our hydro-stat partners at Hydro-Stat International.
• Visual Inspections: due annually at the beginning of the month as punched on the visual inspection label. We complete these inspections within 24 hours or in most cases within a few hours, upon request.
Note: Inspections done by our service partners

Compressor Servicing

We have compressor technicians available to carry out maintenance repairs and compressor upgrades on any brand compressor currently in the marine market. Annual air tests are also available at the request of the customer. We also have a full list of spare parts for most compressor manufacturers immediately available. Our relationship with the Bauer Service Center allows us to have access to the majority of spare parts. We do not stock for compressors on the same day. We stock a full selection of filters, oils and parts in-house.

Hyperbaric Services

Our Hyperbaric partner, Blue Foot Diving, can assist you with service on both portable hyperbaric systems and fixed multi-lock chambers. We also have service options for your chamber’s gas production systems. Moondog Dive Outfitters can also provide a full range of tender training options with internationally accredited training agencies for the vessels crew.